The lingering Payne

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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne starts in the middle of the thick of things. You’re in the hospital wondering how, what and why. You look around only to find yourself, bandaged and unrecognizable (Possibly due to the better facial animation and graphical fidelity). The rain and rhythm like thunder are reminders that you are in a noir

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Mobile gaming is probably the dark horse of the industry. Its rise is one with several hiccups and wrong ideas. Many shunned it, stating that it is no more than a “distraction” in your phones. This was somewhat true with its overly simplified game play and concepts. Look at games such as “Bounce” or “Snake 2”. The lack of a

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Relatable Gamer moments

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The ‘last match’ fallacy That  instinctive movement Abusing demos because you’re cheap Reading game manuals like they were textbooks. The desperate case of flash games The pain of watching walkthroughs

Maximum Payne

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The game starts you off at the end of all things. As Max Payne pierced his gaze (or squinted) upon New York on a helipad under the vicious snowstorm that seemed to be raging on for an eternity. The story then hastily transports you to grainy comic panels of silver, white and black. You then know who Max Payne truly

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A double edged sword?

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In continuation of the previous blog, today I bring  the positives and negatives of building a PC Advantages Upgradable hardware Now, I’m not saying can’t upgrade with a pre-built PC, it is not worth the hassle. There could be a risk of your parts not fitting the case or importantly order parts. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, some

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From the ground up.

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Building a PC is a daunting task. One wrong move, and the entire thing won’t work. It can also be an expensive mistake. Persevere however and you will be rewarded with arguably the best of what gaming has to offer. With unparalleled graphical power, you are only limited to pace of the industry. Unlike console owners, you do not have

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Mining for earning

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Long gone are the days where miners had proud beards, were kinda short and hated elves. Gold, gems, rubies and other precious stones were also replaced. Now, in their replacement are rows and rows of PC with the hope of getting money that don’t even exist physically. Those days, the miners would be risking life and limb. They would also

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Mining on the rise?

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A type of virtual currency that exist in an electronic database. In essence, they are digital assets that are secured by the usage of Cryptography. Unlike normal currency, the government has no control over cryptocurrencies as they are fully decentralized. The most infamous Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, LiteCoin, DigitalNotes and PPCoin. One can earn new token of

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whos playing who?

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How to be a financially literate gamer. There are 3 things that are certain in life. Death, taxes and overpriced video games. Over the last few years, gaming has really advanced in terms of visuals and game play. Unfortunately, they are also evolving to be more money minded, cutting-corners, downgrading games and cutting games apart and then selling them as

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Every gamer has its throne

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My eyes twitched at the sight of the caption. “You are Dead” it read boldly in deception. But I am no fool to distraction Which is why I got my very own protection Gaming throne king is what it’s called It’s cool name though is ‘anti-fall’ With its combined height of 150 cm standing tall You could take a nap

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