A double edged sword?

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In continuation of the previous blog, today I bring  the positives and negatives of building a PC


If only upgrading was this easy…

Upgradable hardware

Now, I’m not saying can’t upgrade with a pre-built PC, it is not worth the hassle. There could be a risk of your parts not fitting the case or importantly order parts. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, some parts require the other one to match. You can read more on that here.

By building your own PC, you’ll be in full control of what is inside it. Rig getting kinda hot lately? No problem, just install new cooling systems. Graphic cards not optimal to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in 4k and 60fps? Chill and upgrade your graphic card and RAM.

Besides, by buying prebuilt PC you’re throwing away an advantage that PC has over consoles. Customizability.

Earliest known picture of a PC


Now, this isn’t so Black and White but always look at the big picture. So, you start cheap. You know cheap motherboard, CPU and what not (which you can get at here). Maybe a second-hand case. Once you are properly equipped with the skills to build your own PC, then you can carry on with more expensive parts. The beauty of it is that you are not forced to start with expensive rigs which can’t be said the same for prebuilt PC. Take it easy, it is no race. Besides, there are old games which run great on medium gaming rigs or lesser. May I suggest Total War: Rome and Mount and Blade: Warband.

This is you after building your first PC


You remember that LEGO ship you build that looked more or less like a shoe? And how you felt pride running in your veins? Yea? Successfully building a workable PC brings that back.  Heck, you could even name your PC afterwards. I mean you have every right to. You built it in your image. I’ve come up one for your maiden PC. “The toaster”


Literally fried motherboard frying food

Warranty (or lack of)

Since, the parts are brought separately, it lacks the overall system warranty and is one of the biggest drawbacks to building your own PC. While the individual components may come with a warranty, if one component dies another, you may have to fight to get the second replaced. Not to mention that a damaged component could damage other components. Prebuilt PCs generally have a warranty that covers the entire system as a whole. PC manufacturers, or the retail outlets that sell the systems, mostly have strong customer service departments to handle customer complaints quickly, while each component manufacturer may offer a different level of service. Additionally, second hand items are mostly non-refundable which pretty much leaves a fried PC part fried for the most part.

Remember, you always have a choice.

Time and Effort

Like a console, buying a premade PC is much more time efficient. Just plug in and play. Building a PC however eats time and more importantly, patience. This a major turn off especially if the gamer is a causal game who can live with 30 fps and is not really vested in gaming. And for those who do try and built a PC, you will screw things up and when you do, you will damage your parts. But hey all part of the learning process, right? Besides, there are various forums. Videos and guide on how to built a PC so you are not alone.

Closing words

The choice is completely up to you. Again, I would like to highlight the importance of taking things bit by bit. Please do not get expensive parts only to ruined them because of the slightest of things. I must also reinforce that PC building is certainly not for everyone, at least one without patience and tolerance but persevere however and you will be rewarded. With that, I’ll see you in the next entry. Goodbye and good luck!

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