Every gamer has its throne

Dylan Knightric/ November 1, 2017/ Blog, Gaming/ 0 comments

My eyes twitched at the sight of the caption.

“You are Dead” it read boldly in deception.

But I am no fool to distraction

Which is why I got my very own protection

Gaming throne king is what it’s called

It’s cool name though is ‘anti-fall’

With its combined height of 150 cm standing tall

You could take a nap on it and still look ball

Alright I’ll stop there. I think you get the message. You know at one point it was suppose to be a poem but it sounds like what Tupac would blurt out.. This product is BORDERLINE essential for a gamer. Now, I don’t know about you but after 3 hours of non-stop CS GO, I get this persistent back ache. Do you remember that scene when Bane Broke Batman’s spine? Yea sometimes I feel like I’ve been through that ordeal TWICE. Do not even get me started on the neck cramps.

I am however pleased to report that Gaming Throne King Arm Office Swivel Chair is as good as it gets though I do feel that a cooler name should be in order. Calling it ‘Comfortable’ will not do the product any justice, the fact that it’s equipped with full-length adjustable backrest recline for the quintessential nap is testament to the comfort level of this bad boy. Plus, with an additional charge of $39 and $29 the product will come with a retractable leg rest and a 4D soft PU coated adjustable arm rest nearly turning the seat into a bed. Well it does turn into a bed if you utilize the 180-degree tilt mechanism.

Fret not, safety is assured with SGS certified gas cylinder. Its Movable Swivel chair with 5 wheels below allows for the optimum control over the throne. You know, I once prepared omelet while still seated on the chair and afterwards continued blasting noobs while having an omelet and still on my chair. The mobility you get is just incredible. The price matches with the awe of the features. It goes for $247 with the additional items and $179 just for the chair I am not done yet. Considering that the original price was $697 it is an absolute steal.

My loss is your gain as they say and being a gamer myself, to see my gaming brethren having the absolute best for them is a joy by itself. Your throne comes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. It has this future and techno thingy going on with the design which is pretty neat. Please feel free to check out the image of the products. Now I ask you this. Would you rather be gaming with a free mind or that constant awareness that the backache afterwards would be killer? Yea I thought so. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got to protect Site A in “dust2”. Till next time.

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